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‘Hop’ beats Brand’s ‘Arthur’ at US box office

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
Image from 'Hop'

The Easter-themed family animation Hop has topped the US box office for the second weekend in a row.

Hop took an estimated $21.7 million this weekend, compared to the $12.6 million taken by Russell Brand’s second new entry this month, a remake of the Dudley Moore 1981 comedy Arthur.

Joe Wright’s action thriller Hanna, starring Saoirse Ronan and Eric Bana, took $12.3 million for its first weekend, followed by another new entry in Soul Surfer, with $11.1 million.

Rounding out the top five films is the low-budget horror film Insidious, which took $9.7 million.

This week’s US box office top ten in full:
1. (1) Hop – $21,700,000
2. (-) Arthur – $12,600,000
3. (-) Hanna – $12,300,000
4. (-) Soul Surfer – $11,100,000
5. (3) Insidious – $9,740,000
6. (-) Your Highness – $9,500,000
7. (2) Source Code – $9,050,000
8. (5) Limitless – $5,690,000
9. (4) Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick’s Revenge – $4,885,000
10. (6) The Lincoln Lawyer – $4,600,000

Hereafter Blu-ray disc review (link)

Sunday, April 10th, 2011
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Director Sidney Lumet dies, aged 86

Saturday, April 9th, 2011
Sidney Lumet

Renowned American film director Sidney Lumet has died at the age of 86.

The New York Times confirms that the director passed away from lymphoma earlier today at his home in Manhattan, New York.

Lumet’s career as a filmmaker spanned six decades, and he had directed almost 50 films by the time of his death.

His most well-known film is the 1957 courtroom drama 12 Angry Men, starring Henry Fonda, which was nominated for three Academy Awards upon its release.


‘Hangover II’ trailer pulled by Warner Bros

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
The Hangover 2

Warner Bros and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have asked US cinema chains to remove the trailer for The Hangover Part II.

Slash Film reports that theatres across the country have received notice to pull the promo from screening in front of Jake Gyllenhaal’s sci-fi thriller Source Code.

“Warner Bros and the MPAA have instructed all theatres to remove The Hangover Part II trailer #2 from Source Code and/or any current placements,” the notice read.

The message added that a replacement for the trailer will be ready to show before Scream 4, which opens on April 15.

The studio responded to the website’s enquiry about the decision with a “no comment”.

Schwarzenegger ‘Governator’ for 3D movie

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to turn his forthcoming Governator animated TV show and comic book into a 3D movie.

The former governor of California announced last week that he and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee are developing the superhero cartoon project.

The multi-platform project will also now include web elements as well as a big-screen feature, reports Deadline.

The film, centred on a superhero based on Schwarzenegger, is expected to be completed in early 2013.


‘Hop’ beats ‘Source Code’ to top US box office

Monday, April 4th, 2011
Image from 'Hop'

Universal Studio’s Easter-themed animation Hop has topped the US box office this weekend.

The film, which features the voice acting of Russell Brand, opened to an impressive $38.1 million, potentially making it the highest launch weekend of 2011 so far.

Moon director Duncan Jones’s latest offering Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, entered in second place with $15 million, followed by the supernatural horror Insidious with $13.5 million.

Last week’s box-office topper Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules falls to fourth place, taking $10.2 million in its second weekend, while the Bradley Cooper thriller Limitless rounds out the top five with $9.4 million.

This week’s US box office top ten in full:
(-) Hop – $38,100,000
2. (-) Source Code – $15,000,000
3. (-) Insidious – $13,500,000
4. (1) Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick’s Revenge – $10,200,000
5. (3) Limitless – $9,400,000
6. (4) The Lincoln Lawyer – $7,050,000
7. (2) Sucker Punch – $6,085,000
8. (5) Rango – $7,560,000
9. (7) Paul – $4,335,000
10. (6) Battle: Los Angeles – $3,500,000

Henry Cavill: ‘Superman will be re-imagined’

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011
Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has said that his Superman movie will be a “re-imagining” of the DC Comics character.

The British actor, who will play the Man of Steel in Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder’s blockbuster, told MTV that the superhero franchise’s latest instalment will still remain faithful to its comic book roots.

“It’s true to the source material, but there’s so little I can say about it,” Cavill said. “It’s basically a re-imagining and modernisation of an iconic character.”

Asked if his portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman will differ from the Christopher Reeve incarnation, he replied: “That’s tough to say, it’s very early days yet. Superman is Superman, after all. There’s only so much of a change you can make to that. It’s going to be different, but not so different that it’s unrecognisable.”