Cameron ‘wants quality control on 3D films’

Cameron 'wants quality control on 3D films'

James Cameron has called for studio bosses to form a special organisation to regulate the quality of future 3D films.

The director utilised the technique on his hugely successful sci-fi epic Avatar, but criticised the “stupid” decision to retro-fit movies such as Clash Of The Titans to incorporate 3D effects.

Cameron declared that industry officials need to establish a committee to publicise as well as protect 3D films, insisting that poor quality effects will harm the fledgling genre.

He told WENN: “What I’d love to do is put together some kind of a forum with the DGA (Directors Guild of America), let’s say, and maybe the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) and we’d have to do it in Canada, too. I think some quality standards do need to be discussed. I think the studios and big distribution companies need to be included in that dialogue. Let’s not do stupid stuff that’s going to hurt this burgeoning marketplace.”

Cameron singled out the Clash Of The Titans remake as an example of such cynical use of 3D, after producers delayed its release in order to add the special effects.

He added: “They worked against themselves with that film. I’ve heard people say that they couldn’t watch [Clash Of The Titans] in 3D and thought it looked better in 2D and they enjoyed the film more. I haven’t seen the film, so I don’t want to say too much, but I heard from enough sources that it was borderline unwatchable. And I have to say, I predicted that.

“When they said they were going to try to convert it to 3D in seven weeks, I said it’s not possible. You can’t do it. You can slap a 3D label on it and call it 3D, but there’s no possible way that it can be done up to a standard that anybody would consider high enough.”

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