What happened to the VCDQ.com website...

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What happened to the VCDQ.com website...

Postby ntscuser » Fri Jul 08, 2016 6:23 pm

The vcdq.com domain expired on 2nd June 2016. It was not renewed by the owner so the domain was put up for auction by Godaddy. The domain was ultimately sold to an advertising site for $7,650. (The original VCDQuality.com domain name had been sold a year earlier for an undisclosed sum).

The site had already been down for many weeks before the domain expired. None of the staff (self-included) have any idea what happened to it or why the domain was allowed to expire. The #vcdq IRC channel is still functional on LinkNet but practically all of the regular staff have since abandoned it.

It is extremely unlikely the site will ever return in its original form.
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