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Postby ntscuser » Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:12 pm

If you begin a discussion about a subject which is to be found elsewhere on the internet, please post a link to the original subject in the form:
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This website's bandwidth is severely restricted due to a lack of cash. For that reason no images or videos can be uploaded directly to this site. You can however hotlink to any number of images or embed videos hosted elsewhere. Be warned that some sites object strongly to this practice and may display a rude warning message of some kind in place of the image or video you intended to be seen!

To add images to a post first press the "Img" button on the edit page, add the full URL address of the page where the image is stored, then press the "Img" button again. This will add the tags for you. If you are not sure what the address of the image is, right-click then select "properties". Copy & paste the address you see there liek this:
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You can even display a YouTube videos here by copying the full URL address from the top of the YouTube page and adding tags like so:
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For simplicity, press the "youtube" button on the edit page first, add the full YouTube page address, then press the "youtube" button again. This will add the tags for you.

To upload your own avatar, first locate a site where the avatar is stored or else upload your own design to an image hosting service such as ImageShack. A good place for beginners to find a free avatar they like can be found here.

The maximum size for users' avatars is 100x100 pixels. They must not be pornographic or so flashy as to distract people trying to read messages.

This site is not yet online 24/7. If you are unable to access the site it does not mean it is broken, only that the owner is desperately looking for another shilling to put in the leccy meter :lol:
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