Dutch man hasn’t stopped laughing for two years after hip operation

A Dutch man has been unable to stop laughing ever since he underwent a hip operation two years ago.

Huug Bosse and his wife have appeared on TV show Man Bijt Hond, stating that the anaesthesia used in the 2010 operation has led to him constantly laughing out loud.

“It appears that due to the operation, due to the anaesthesia, he was laughing more,” his wife said while Bosse continued to giggle.

She added: “Sometimes it starts to get really annoying all that laughing the whole day. When you are having a discussion and all he does is laughing, then it gets annoying.”

Mr Bosse revealed that his change of behaviour has put a strain on his children, saying: “They don’t visit any more.”

However, he explained that hearing the Dutch national anthem is the only thing that makes him cry, describing it as a “beautiful” song.

Watch Huug Bosse and his wife talk about his affliction below: