Oh what a tangled web...

(no racial sterotyping or sexually explicit language please)

Oh what a tangled web...

Postby rebbonk » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:20 am

Son: "I fell in love with a beautiful girl".

Father: "That's great, do I know her?"

Son: "Yes, it is Andrea who lives across the street".

Father: "Oh that is bad, I am sorry, don't tell this to your mum but Andrea is your sister".

The boy is upset, but accepts the truth.

After few months he comes to his dad again.

Son: "I am in love with even more beautiful girl".

Father: "That's great who is she?"

Son: "Libiena who lives across the street, you know her".

Father: "That's bad, I have to disappoint you again, she is your sister, I am sorry".

It goes the same path with Zorlien, Marlen, Nurith, Malvina, Viera, Korona, Efrin and Sola.

Furious one day the boy decides to tell his mum.

Son: "It is horrible, I can't date any girl in this town because apparently dad fucked up the whole city and every girl is my sister!"

Mum: "Silly you, don't worry,
he is not your father..."
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