'Good Wife' exec 'doesn't like show title'

'Good Wife' exec 'doesn't like show title'

Postby ntscuser » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:19 pm

The Good Wife co-creator Robert King has admitted that he is not a fan of the show's title.


The showrunner told The Daily Beast that the title was intended to be "ironic", but may have alienated male viewers.

"If there was anything we could go back and reverse, it would be the title," he confirmed. "I understand why some [people] just name the show after the character. How do you find something that doesn't just scream, 'Oh, this is a procedural', or 'This is some kind of wacky feminine drama'?"

He continued: "I don't think we escaped that. Really, I think the title has a tendency to make men think, 'Well, here's the menstruation hour'."

King also expressed surprise at the legal drama's struggle to attract younger viewers.

"We didn't think it would be something that would skew old," he said. "I think people who don't sample it might think it's [too] dramatic or maybe too serialised."

The Good Wife continues on Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.
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