Shyamalan considering second season of Wayward Pines

Shyamalan considering second season of Wayward Pines

Postby ntscuser » Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:33 pm

M Night Shyamalan has revealed he is considering making a second season of Wayward Pines.


The director said that he is currently deliberating returning to the FOX show, despite describing TV as a "scary" format.

When asked if he'd be open to making a second series, Shyamalan said: "I'm thinking about it. I have to think of the end first in terms of the story."

He added: "What I don't like about TV is that it keeps on going - I want to know where things are going, every single frame of it.

"I want to feel like Game of Thrones is going to end in a certain way and I'm going to get there. I want that to be the way for all TV shows and especially for one I'm working on."

Discussing making the show, which represents the director's first venture into TV, Shyamalan said: "It was very scary. I learned a lot. I was learning on the job and made a tonne of mistakes, but really enjoyed the end product.

"It affected The Visit a lot, how I shot that was so fast it allowed me to shoot The Visit really fast."
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