One of the biggest concerns for any free-to-play experience

One of the biggest concerns for any free-to-play experience

Postby Emilylowes » Thu Oct 27, 2022 7:20 am

The recently released Diablo Immortal has shown, making an earlier PC-centric ARPG D2R Items accessible to mobile may be an uphill task. It's hard to say if Torchlight Infinite has a chance to succeed on that aspect the XD take on the franchise intends to attract new players as well as existing fans who have played the game. Set 200 years after Torchlight II, it will include familiar classes, abilities, and locations for those who are fans of the series, but there's plenty of new characters and system for players to explore too.

Although Torchlight Infinite is being made specifically for mobile It will also launch on PC. In an email interview with GameSpot, producer Liu Heng said Torchlight Infinite will allow for cross-progression. Players will be able connect their accounts as well as switch between mobile and PC with no loss of progress. It will offer a few enhancements over the mobile version, including more camera options, wider views, as well as additional control options.

One of the biggest concerns for any free-to-play experience which is particularly a loot-based game, is how the game will be monetized. On that front, Heng explained that purchases in Torchlight Infinite are broken down into two types. Features like more bag space, talent resets, and auto-looting functionality will be what Heng described as "pay-for-convenience." New heroes, in addition to various cosmetics, will also be available for purchase and fall under what Heng declared to be "pay-for-content."

Torchlight Infinite will not sell gear or crafting materials to anyone for cash, Heng said. The items are "strictly grinding-to-succeed" to ensure a fair experience for everyone. Heng stated to players that Torchlight Infinite won't have any stamina meters , or systems that limit player progress either, and said players will have the "freedom to kick off and finish their grinding at their own discretion."

It's an arduous choice to make. Diablo Immortal, which Torchlight Infinite may be similar to, was attacked at launch due to its pay-to-win mechanics, even as it reportedly made an estimated $50 million during the first month of. More recently players have complained how cheap diablo 2 resurrected items Immortal's MMO structure penalizes solo players, with many are unable to find the extra players needed to complete the raids or dungeons necessary to the game's progression.
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Re: One of the biggest concerns for any free-to-play experience

Postby Chaplin » Tue Oct 24, 2023 4:52 am

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