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This is an experiment for some thing I plan on doing in a totally different subject matter with the intention on creating something that never existed, but I would have loved to have seen.

I wanted to start out with something a little simpler for myself, so I chose a song “The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths that I love.
So I combined footage from what I believe is a recording from 1986 that was used for The Smith’s live album “Rank” and then I intercut it with footage of Morrissey singing with his solo band in the late 2010s. I don’t know the exact year that the later video clips that are intercut with the 1986 video clips are however I would guess that they’re probably a little over 30 years apart.

Now I’m not claiming any rights to this footage and I am not in any way, shape or form making any sort of commentary on Morrissey, nor are any of his points of view representative of my own, my channel and YouTube.

So please to whoever owns the rights to this footage as well as the music, lyrics, etc., please understand that my channel is not monetized and this video will never be monetized and so I’m asking that you please don’t block it because if you do, then, I can’t get feedback from my subscribers, and from other people as well, who may tune into this video so please do not block this video. This was created as an experiment and there was no ill intent and I just did it I wanted to see how it would work and so again please don’t block this video. I really would like feedback from the viewers that I will not get if the video is blocked globally.. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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