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Cowell nervous for 'X Factor USA' debut

PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:07 pm
by ntscuser
Simon Cowell has conceded that he is nervous to debut X Factor USA this fall.


Cowell said during a press call that the experience of bringing the reality competition to the US has reminded him of the period before American Idol premiered in 2002.

"I kind of feel at the moment like I did when we were launching American Idol," he said. "I was excited about the show, I was excited about the prospects, but I hadn't a clue whether it was going to be a hit or whether we were going to be kicked out of the country after three weeks."

Cowell then quipped: "I remember the network put a one-month break clause in the house I was renting, which shows at the time I don't think they were particularly convinced either."

The X Factor creator stated earlier this week that the judging panel for the series has yet to be finalised.

Auditions for The X Factor are to begin on March 27 in Los Angeles.