Football Manager heads to Nintendo Switch

Football Manager Touch 2018 has been rated in Korea, as grabbed at ResetEra. The game showed up at the classification system today, with a release date TBA in 2018.

It’s worth noting though that, while this isn’t the full package Sports Interactive and Sega release on PC every year, neither is it the cut-down version the company launches on mobile phones, but something much closer to the former, aimed at portable devices with a touchscreen. In fact, Football Manager Touch 2018 released at the end of 2017 on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and tablets (iOS/Android), for £22 (€30) (it’s currently discounted on Steam and costs half of that), including several additional online modes compared to the mobile game. Watch the trailer below for more info.

Sega hasn’t made the Nintendo Switch version official as of yet, but it’d also be the first FM on console this generation.