Call of Duty: WWII tops Christmas gaming charts

It should as a surprise to exactly no one that Call of Duty: WWII walked out victorious of the UK Christmas week sales, registering its seventh straight number one. This actually denotes the fourth year in a row that Call of Duty holds the coveted Christmas crown in the UK, making it 8 Christmas number ones in total for the franchise (tied with FIFA for first all-time). Star Wars Battlefront II enjoyed a surge in sales on the back of promotions and the cinematic release of The Last Jedi, while PUBG came in at a very respectable fourth spot.

All Formats:

1. Call of Duty: WWII / Activision
2. FIFA 18 / EA Sports
3. Star Wars Battlefront II / EA Games
4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / Microsoft (new)
5. Assassin’s Creed Origins / Ubisoft
6. Super Mario Odyssey / Nintendo
7. Grand Theft Auto V / Rockstar
8. WWE 2K18 / 2K Sports
9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe / Nintendo
10. Crash Bandicoot: Nsane Trilogy / Activision

Individual Formats (units):

1. Call of Duty: WWII / PS4
2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / Xbox One (new)
3. Call of Duty: WWII / Xbox One
4. FIFA 18 / PS4
5. Star Wars Battlefront II / PS4
6. Star Wars Battlefront II / Xbox One
7. Super Mario Odyssey / Switch
8. FIFA 18 / Xbox One
9. Assassin’s Creed Origins / PS4
10. Assassin’s Creed Origins / Xbox One

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