All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Mon Jun 13, 2022 11:56 pm

Make of this what you will...

Big Pharma President Caught With A Fake Vaccine Passport

In Brief

The Facts:

José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, who founded pharmaceutical giant PharmaMar in 1986, was caught using a fake COVID-19 vaccine passport.

More than 2000 other citizens and celebrities are also on the list.

The investigation was initiated by Spanish police, and it was called "Operation Jenner."

Reflect On:

How many wealthy people, politicians and celebrities could have obtained a fake vaccine passport?

What does it say about our 'democracy' when so many people do not comply, but are forced or coerced to do so?

Why are so many people hesitant about COVID-19 vaccines?

How many people do you know with a fake vaccine passport?

Source (and full article):
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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:19 pm

The awkward truth still keeps leaking out...

The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ – people dying with no sign of illness or underlying health condition. They simply collapse during the day or don’t wake up in the morning. While SADS has been known to occur before, what’s alarming is the sudden surge of this previously rare event


In recent weeks, media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called “sudden adult death syndrome,” or SADS, in what appears to be a clear effort to obscure the reality of COVID jab deaths. Sad on steroids indeed.

Underlying factors for SADS include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest.
While SADS has been known to occur previously, what’s new is the prevalence of this previously rare event. In Australia, the Melbourne Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is setting up a new SADS registry “to gain more information” about the phenomenon.

Data compiled by the International Olympic Committee show 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004, giving us an average annual rate of 29, across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone—a single year—at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide.
Among EU FIFA (football/soccer ball) athletes, sudden death increased by 420 percent in 2021. Historically, about five soccer players have died while playing the game each year. Between January and mid-November 2021, 21 FIFA players died from sudden death.

SADS is also short for “sudden arrhythmic death syndrome,”1 which was first identified in 1977. Underlying factors for SADS (both the sudden adult death and sudden arrhythmic versions) include undiagnosed myocarditis, inflammatory conditions and other conditions that cause irregularities in the electrical system of the heart, thereby triggering cardiac arrest.2,3,4 While SADS has been known to occur before, what’s new is the prevalence of this previously rare event.

Historical Prevalence of SADS

According to the British Heart Association, there are about 500 cases of SADS in the UK each year.5 The British Office for National Statistics, on the other hand, show far fewer cases.6 The ONS lists a total of 128 cases of SADS (all age groups, whether listed as cardiac-related or unknown) in 2016, 77 cases in 2017, 70 in 2018, 107 in 2019 and 139 cases in 2020.

While data on SADS incidence for 2021 and 2022 are hard to come by, incidence has apparently risen sufficiently enough to cause concern in some countries. Before the pandemic, SADS was the acronym for sudden arrhythmia death syndrome, which was rare and with scant research on it except to mention that it accounted for about 30 percent of unexpected cardiac deaths among young people.7

But today, it’s no longer rare and SADS is virtually on steroids as the numbers of sudden deaths in young adults pile up around the world. The numbers are so concerning that in Australia, for example, the Melbourne Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is setting up a new SADS registry “to gain more information” about the phenomenon.8,9

According to a spokesperson, there are approximately 750 SADS cases per year in Australia. In the U.S., the average annual death toll from SADS is said to be around 4,000.10

Since the rollout of the COVID jabs, the news has been chockful of reports of young, healthy and often athletic people dying “for no reason” and doctors claim to be “baffled” by it. Doctors and scientists in Australia are even urging everyone under the age of 40 to get their hearts checked, even if they’re healthy and fit.11

Any thinking person, on the other hand, can clearly see the correlation between the shots, which are now well-known for their ability to cause heart inflammation, and the rise in sudden death among young and healthy people.

Hundreds of Athletes Have Collapsed and Died Post-Jab

Among athletes, sudden death incidence has historically ranged between 1 in 40,000 and 1 in 80,000.12 An analysis13 of deaths among competitive athletes between 1980 and 2006 in the U.S. identified a total of 1,866 cases where an athlete either collapsed from cardiac arrest and/or died suddenly. That’s 1,866 cases occurring over a span of 27 years, giving us an annual average of 69 in the U.S.

Data14 compiled by the International Olympic Committee show 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004, giving us an average annual rate of 29 sudden deaths, across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone — a single year — at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide.15

Good Sciencing, which is keeping a running total of athletic deaths post-jab puts the current number of cardiac arrests at 1,090 and total deaths at 715.16 Several dozen more are pending confirmation that the athlete had in fact received the shot.

Among EU FIFA (football/soccer ball) athletes, sudden death increased by 420 percent in 2021.17 Historically, about five soccer players have died while playing the game each year. Between January and mid-November 2021, 21 FIFA players died from sudden death.

COVID Jab Clearly Associated With Heart Injury

An opinion piece in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, published in April 2022, highlights the correlation between COVID jab-induced heart inflammation and sudden cardiac death in athletes:18

“Increased COVID-related SCD [sudden cardiac death] appears to be due, at least in part, to a recent history of infection and/or vaccination that induces inflammatory and immune impairment that injures the heart.

An unhealthy lifestyle that may include poor diet or overtraining may likely be a contributing factor. The seeming increased incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis during COVID-19 and in the post-vaccination period, and SCD, poses a serious risk to not only athletes but all others and is a cause for alarm.

As the population ages and the popularity of running, cycling, and other endurance sports increases, the burden of SCD risk can potentially grow as well. A strong focus on both health and fitness should be a loud and clear public health message.”

The Signal That Cannot Be Silenced

In a June 13, 2022, Substack article, Dr. Pierre Kory also commented on this latest effort to explain away COVID jab deaths:19

“I recently posted a deeply referenced compilation20 of evidence detailing the historic humanitarian catastrophe that has slowly unfolded within most advanced health economies across the world. Caused by a global mass vaccination campaign led by the Pharma masters of BMGF/WHO/CDC that illogically (but profitably) targeted a rapidly mutating coronavirus.

They did it with what turned out to be the most toxic protein used therapeutically in the history of medicine. In vials mixed with lipid nano-particles, polyethylene glycol and who knows what else.

I cited studies and reports showing massive increases in cardiovascular deaths and neurologic (and other) disabilities amongst working age adults, beginning in 2021 only.

A disturbing signal screaming from the original clinical trials data,21 VAERS data,22 life insurance data,23 disability data,24 reports of cardiac arrests of professional athletes,25 rises in ambulance calls for cardiac arrests in pre-heart attack age young people,26 and the massive increases in illnesses and data manipulations27 in Department of Defense databases.

As these events become more and more recognized by the average citizen (and occasional journalist), a new pathetic ‘Disinformation Campaign’ was launched in response trying to blame all the young people dying as simply a need for increased awareness of the rare condition called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), rather than examples of the legions dying from the vaccines.

The fact checkers also came out in support of this narrative, branding anyone who thinks the vaccines are the cause of SADS as a conspiracy theorist …

What is nauseating is the tone of purported good intention within these articles, informing folks that if you are related to someone young who died suddenly you should go see a cardiologist to make sure you don’t have an abnormal EKG.

After it turns out normal, they will assuredly tell you to get vaccinated, an absurdity atop a mountain of absurdities caused by our bio-medical-media industrial complex over the past 2+ years.”

Diseases ‘Suppressed by COVID’ Make Comebacks

Media are also trying to write off increases of other diseases as something other than COVID jab-related. “Diseases Suppressed During COVID Are Coming Back in New and Peculiar Ways,” CNBC reported June 10, 2022.28

The article goes on to discuss how viruses other than SARS-CoV-2 are now “rearing their heads in new and unusual ways.” Influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), adenovirus, tuberculosis and monkeypox have all “spiked and exhibited strange behaviors in recent months,” CNBC notes.

No mention is made, however, of the fact that the COVID jab has been linked to vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency (lowered immune function), rendering you more susceptible to infections and chronic diseases of all kinds, including autoimmune diseases.29 MIT research scientist Stephanie Seneff explains the mechanisms for this in “COVID Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease.”

The COVID jab has also been shown to activate latent viruses, including hepatitis C,30 cytomegalovirus,31 varicella-zoster32 and herpes viruses.33 Not surprisingly, Moderna is now working on a new vaccine for “latent cytomegalovirus prevention.”34

This is yet another case of a drug company creating a “remedy” against a health problem their own product was responsible for creating in the first place. CNBC, meanwhile, cites “health experts” who attribute lowered immunity to COVID lockdowns, mask wearing and missed childhood vaccinations.35

Amputations of arms, legs, fingers and toes — consequences of post-jab blood clots — are also being written off as something else.36 In this case, media are blaming it on high cholesterol,37 totally ignoring the fact that high cholesterol has been prevalent for decades, and only now are people losing their extremities in shocking numbers.

Spikes in blood clots and strokes, meanwhile, are being blamed on smoking, pregnancy and contraceptives,38 even though blood clots and strokes are among the most common side effects of the COVID jab. Most ridiculous of all, however, is the claim that a “newly-discovered, highly reactive” chemical in the earth’s atmosphere is suspected of triggering heart disease.39

To anyone with half a brain, it’s clear that government authorities and media are doing everything they can to shift blame away from what is the most obvious culprit, namely the COVID shots.

All the diseases and conditions they’re now blaming on everything from cholesterol to mysterious atmospheric chemicals are known side effects of the jab. The elephant in the room is so gigantic, you can’t even get around it anymore. It’s pressing us against the walls.

Nursing Reports From the Frontlines

In his June 13, 2022, Substack article,40 Kory also shares insider information from a senior ICU and ER nurse who suffered blood clotting injuries, spontaneous unstoppable bleeding and cervical lymph node enlargement following her second Pfizer dose.

She filed a report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which has since vanished. The batch numbers for the shots she received were associated with bad neurological responses and clotting. She also lost her hematologist-oncologist to vaccine injury.

While only in his early 40s, he’s now too injured to practice. “He was a ‘true believer’ and in denial until it was him who was the injured patient,” she told Kory.

The major cancer hospital where she works now have caseloads “in the thousands,” she says, whereas before the average caseload was between 250 and 400 in any given quarter. They don’t even have enough beds or infusion space to treat them all, and radiation treatments are backlogged.

All kinds of cancers are showing up — brain, lymph, stomach, pancreas, blood and even EYE cancers, “especially in younger people recently vaxxed.” Strokes are also “way up” in people with no risk factors or comorbidities. In an email to Kory, she wrote:41

“Ask me anything. I’ll tell you inside scoop from the floors and suites. This has to stop. They need to admit the fraud and crime and STOP. The liability must be lifted, mandates ended. They KNOW NOW and many KNEW THEN.

Don’t know if you’ll even read this, but I follow all of you on substack and Twitter — those not banned yet! — and read ALL the data. I’ve been a lab rat myself from an issue from a car accident years back — I know the process. So much fraud.”

In a follow-up email, the unnamed nurse continued:

“Lost 4 practitioners to serious side effects of ‘strongly encouraged’ boosters. 2 hospitalized, one in MICU … All in early 30s to mid-40s. They had no need for boosters … All had COVID previous, N antibodies fully measurable.”

Cardiac Anomalies Abound

Her colleagues in the cardiac unit also report “many anomalies … that never existed before,” including massive thrombi that fill the entire artery. Some embalmers have documented this never-before-seen phenomenon.42 They also can barely keep up with the unprecedented number of cardiac arrests. Kory writes:43

“She told me … that on some night shifts, nurse teams are seeing more cardiac arrests in a single shift than ever before and in unprecedented younger age patients.

On some shifts, they have had so many that the ‘crash carts’ are rolled straight from one arrest to another because pharmacy, especially on night shifts, are not able to re-stock fast enough. This situation has happened maybe once in my whole career, when two arrests happened on the same floor or unit within a short time period.”

And, while medical staff still are not speaking out publicly, the reality of the situation appears to be dawning inside the hospital walls, in private conversations between staff. Even there, however, nurses speak in code for fear of reprisal, referring to COVID jab injuries only as “that issue.”

The nurse pointed out that, now, the vaccination status is clearly marked at the top of the first screen of the patient’s medical record when the shot is suspected or known to be related to the patient’s “mysterious” or “complex” problem. Perhaps this is a sign that the dissociation from reality may be slowly breaking. I sure hope so.

Originally published June 20, 2022 on

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Tue Jun 21, 2022 8:26 pm

In the early 90s, one of my staff died of Sudden Adult Death syndrome. It was something I'd never heard about before and hadn't heard anything more about, until the mass use of these 'vaccines'. At the time of my member of staff's demise, I made a point of seeing the company doctor to verify that nothing we had done could have contributed to the death.

The doctor's response was, "This is such a rare thing, I've only known of a couple in all my years as a doctor. Trust me, you'll never see, or hear of this again, in your lifetime!" :tinfoilhat:
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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:36 pm

Another roundup of what is coming out as people are now beginning to start thinking rather than panicking...

Latest Bad News About COVID Vaccines

From deaths due to vaccine-induced myocarditis to a significant increase in heart attack risk among youth, the risks tied to COVID-19 shots continue to grow – while their effectiveness in children reached an embarrassing low.

A previously healthy 36-year-old mother of two died 11 days after receiving a Pfizer COVID-19 shot.1 Initially, her cause of death was deemed inconclusive, but at an inquest, pathologist Dr. Sukhvinder Ghataura explained that he believes the COVID-19 shot was to blame. He told the coroner:2

“On the balance of probabilities, she had vaccine-related problems. There is nothing else for me to hang my hat on. It is the most likely reason, in my conclusion. It is more than likely Dawn died in response to the Covid jab.”

Government officials continue to deny deaths linked to Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 shot. In the U.S., they’ve only acknowledged nine deaths as causally associated with Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 shot as of May 10, 2022.3 But this case, which occurred in the U.K., highlights the potential dangers of shot-induced myocarditis.

According to Ghataura, the woman had several signs of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, including inflammation of the heart, fluid in the lungs and a small clot in her lungs.

She had also reported menstrual irregularities, jaw pain and arm pain.4 When asked by a family member whether he believed the woman would still be alive today if she hadn’t received the shot, Ghataura said, “It’s a difficult question but I would say yes.”5

COVID-19 Shots Increase Heart Attack Risk by 25% in Youth

At the conclusion of the inquest regarding the woman’s death, assistant coroner Alison McCormick stated, “I give the narrative conclusion that her death was caused by acute myocarditis, due to recent Covid-19 immunization.”6 Myocarditis is a recognized adverse effect of mRNA COVID-19 shots,7 and one that has been named in other deaths.

Dr. Neil Singh Dhalla, a CEO of a major health clinic, fell asleep four days after he got a COVID-19 booster shot — and died from a heart attack.8 The autopsy stated myocarditis. He was only 48 years old and had never had heart problems in his life. In another example, epidemiologists confirmed that two teenage boys from different U.S. states died of myocarditis days after getting the Pfizer shot.9

Both had received second doses of the shot. In a study that examined the autopsy findings, it’s reported that the “myocarditis” described in the boys’ deaths is “not typical myocarditis pathology”:10

“The myocardial injury seen in these post-vaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis and has an appearance most closely resembling a catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy. Understanding that these instances are different from typical myocarditis and that cytokine storm has a known feedback loop with catecholamines may help guide screening and therapy.”

An astounding study published in Scientific Reports further revealed that calls to Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome increased more than 25% among 16- to 39-year-olds from January 2021 to May 2021, compared to the same time period in 2019 and 2020.11

The researchers evaluated the association between the volume of the calls and other factors, including COVID-19 shots and COVID-19 infection, but a link was only found for the shots:12

“[T]he weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not with COVID-19 infection rates.

While not establishing causal relationships, the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals.”

COVID Shots Weren’t Tested on Pregnant Women

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer attempted to hide COVID-19 shot clinical trial data for 75 years. “When I saw that, that’s when I got very vocal and said fraud has occurred. How do I know that? They won’t show us the clinical data,” former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd said.13 This should be a red flag for all Americans.

Now that a lawsuit forced the FDA to release thousands of the documents, data about what they were trying to hide is coming out. Among the revelations is evidence that Pfizer deliberately excluded pregnant women from COVID-19 shot trials. So how did they make the recommendation that the shots are safe and effective for pregnant women?

This was based on a 42-day study involving 44 rats.14 What’s more, a Pfizer-BioNTech rat study revealed the shot more than doubled the incidence of preimplantation loss and also led to a low incidence of mouth/jaw malformations, gastroschisis (a birth defect of the abdominal wall) and abnormalities in the right-sided aortic arch and cervical vertebrae in the fetuses.15

A CDC-sponsored study that was widely used to support the U.S. recommendation for pregnant women to get injected “presents falsely reassuring statistics related to the risk of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy,” according to the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK).16

When the risk of miscarriage was recalculated to include all women injected prior to 20 weeks’ gestation, the incidence was seven to eight times higher than the original study indicated, with a cumulative incidence of miscarriage ranging from 82% to 91%.

Also buried in one of the documents is the statement, “Clinical laboratory evaluation showed a transient decrease in lymphocytes that was observed in all age and dose groups after Dose 1, which resolved within approximately one week …”17 What this means is Pfizer knew that, in the first week after the shot, people of all ages experienced transient immunosuppression, or put another way, a temporary weakening of the immune system, after the first dose.

Pfizer and FDA Knew Vaccines Were Not ‘Safe and Effective’

“It looks to me — this is not an overstatement from what I’ve seen — that this was a clinical trial that by August 2021, Pfizer and the FDA knew was failed, the vaccines were not safe and effective,” said investigative author Naomi Wolf. “That they weren’t working. That the efficacy was waning … and that they were seriously dangerous. And they rolled it out anyway.”18

Regarding the shots for pregnant women, Wolf said, in an interview with Stephen Bannon on “War Room,” that a spike in severe adverse events among pregnant women coincides with the rollout of COVID-19 shots.

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) whistleblowers datamined the DOD health database, revealing significant increases in rates of miscarriage and stillbirths, along with cancer and neurological disease, since COVID-19 jabs rolled out.19 “This is honestly one of the wors[t] things I’ve ever, ever seen in my 35 years as a reporter,” Wolf said.20

Not only does IPAK’s data show COVID-19 injections prior to 20 weeks are unsafe for pregnant women, but 12.6% of women who received it in the third trimester reported Grade 3 adverse events, which are severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening. Another 8% also reported a fever of 38 degrees C (100.4 degrees F), which can lead to miscarriage or premature labor.21

Young children are also developing severe hepatitis and nobody knows why.22 COVID-19 shots have been linked to cases of liver disease23 and liver damage following the shots has been deemed “plausible.”24

Confirmed: COVID Shots Affect Menstrual Cycles

It’s clear that there are many unknowns about how COVID-19 shots affect pregnancy and reproduction, including their effects on menstrual cycles. Women around the globe have reported changes in their menstrual cycles following COVID-19 shots, and health officials have tried to brush off the reports or label them all as anecdotal.

But a study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology — and funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health — confirms an association between menstrual cycle length and COVID-19 shots.25

Clinical trials for COVID-19 shots did not collect data about menstrual cycles following injection, and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) does not actively collect menstrual cycle information either, making it difficult to initially determine whether the shots were having an effect. Anecdotal reports on social media, however, are numerous and, according to the study, “suggest menstrual disturbances are much more common …”26

The Obstetrics & Gynecology study involved 3,959 individuals between the ages of 18 and 45 years. Those who had not received a COVID-19 shot noted no significant changes in cycle four during the study compared to their first three cycles.

Those who received COVID-19 shots, however, had longer menstrual cycles, typically by less than one day, when they received the shots. The longer cycles were noted for both doses of the injection, with a 0.71-day increase after the first dose and 0.91-day increase after the second dose.27

While the researchers described the change as not clinically significant, meaning it’s not notable from a health standpoint, there were some women who experienced even greater menstrual changes, particularly those who received two shots in the same menstrual cycle. These changes included a two-day increase in cycle length and, in some cases, changes in cycle length of eight days or more

Pfizer Shot Only 12% Effective in Children

Adding insult to injury, research conducted by the New York State Department of Health shows the dismal reality about the effectiveness of COVID-19 shots in children.28 From December 13, 2021 to January 24, 2022, they analyzed outcomes among 852,384 children aged 12 to 17 years, and 365,502 children aged 5 to 11 year, who had received two doses of the shots.

Effectiveness declined rapidly among 5- to 11-year-olds, falling from 68% to just 12%. Protection against hospitalization also dropped, from 100% to 48%. Among 11-year-olds alone, vaccine effectiveness plunged to 11%.29 The lackluster response was blamed on the dosage discrepancies among the age groups, as 5- to 11-year-olds receive two 10-microgram Pfizer shots, while 12- to 17-year-olds receive 30-microgram shots.30

In the younger age group, the shots provided almost no protection at all. And it’s not only children who are affected by the shots’ rapidly waning effectiveness. COVID-19 booster shots also lose effectiveness rapidly, with protection plummeting by the fourth month post-shot.31 One CDC-funded study involved data from 10 states collected from August 26, 2021 to January 22, 2022, periods during which both delta and omicron variants were circulating.

Visits to emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, as well as hospitalizations, among people seeking medical care for COVID-19 were analyzed. The study did not include milder COVID-19 cases, for which no medical attention was sought.

While initially vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19-associated emergency department or urgent care visits and hospitalizations was higher after the booster shot, compared to the second COVID-19 injection, effectiveness waned as time passed since vaccination.32

Within two months of the second COVID-19 shot, protection against emergency department and urgent care visits related to COVID-19 was at 69%. This dropped to 37% after five months post-shot. The low effectiveness five months after the initial shot series is what prompted officials to recommend a booster dose — and the third shot “boosted” effectiveness to 87%.

This boost was short-lived, however. Within four to five months post-booster, protection against emergency department and urgent care visits decreased to 66%, then fell to just 31% after five months or more post-booster.33

Considering the adverse effects and lack of effectiveness, many have called for an immediate withdrawal of the shots. IPAK believes the data are already compelling enough to withdraw the shots for vulnerable populations, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and those of child-bearing age.34

Janci Chunn Lindsay, Ph.D., a prominent toxicologist and molecular biologist who works with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center-Houston, spoke at the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting held April 23, 2021, and also called for “all gene therapy vaccines” to “be halted immediately due to safety concerns on several fronts,” including fertility.35

Originally published May 24, 2022 on

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:43 pm

I've been reading about this for a while now, and this looks to be a first reasonable correlation...

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Impacts Semen: Study

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine leads to lower levels of semen, according to a new study.

Researchers analyzed 220 samples of semen from three sperm banks in Israel, drawn from men who received two doses of the vaccine. The semen collection was scheduled seven days after receipt of the second dose.

The researchers, led by Dr. Itai Gat with the Sperm Bank and Andrology Unit at the Shamir Medical Center and Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Medical School, found that there was a decrease in sperm concentration between 75 and 120 days post-vaccination.

The decrease led to a reduction in the motile count, or the number of sperm.

Followup testing completed over 150 days after vaccination revealed “overall recovery,” with semen volume and sperm motility bouncing back, the researchers said. However, the levels outlined in the study were still lower than before vaccination.

The peer-reviewed study was published online (pdf) ahead of being printed by Andrology.

Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment.

Gat told The Epoch Times that a major strength of the study was the relatively long-term followup.

“Overall we demonstrate long term safety of the vaccination regarding semen analysis among sperm donors. The temporary decline we found is similar to already known side effects of short febrile illness (ex. flu), followed by later recovery,” he said in an email. “It seems that the immune response after vaccination is similar as in cases of common infections which results with short term impairment of sperm production.”

Previous research has indicated that getting sick with COVID-19 causes a change in the composition of semen, and that some illnesses can lead to sperm production being impaired.

Men should only be concerned by the new research as much as they worry about similar issues arising after other infections, Gat said.

“Obviously, most men are not aware of the short decline in their sperm counts after viral infection,” he said.

Other studies conducted during the pandemic have found that sperm concentration and semen motility were not affected by COVID-19 vaccines, although Pfizer’s clinical trial included detection of anti-sperm antibodies. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no evidence that vaccines affect fertility in women or men, despite the shots altering menstrual cycles in women.

However, researchers acknowledge that the long-term impacts of the shots remain unknown, and won’t be known until longer-term studies are conducted.

Gat wants to conduct further research on men who were vaccinated but described his team as lucky to have a large group of donors who were vaccinated during a short period of time.

“When it comes to next doses, I expect timing diversity between donors, which will make further studies much more complicated,” he said.

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:51 pm

Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment.

I bet they didn't!


The above table shows that the before and after levels are statistically significant. Of course, there may well be some other perfectly innocent reason...
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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Fri Jun 24, 2022 1:16 pm

I have noticed a lot of adverts on TV recently about shingles. Coincidence...?

COVID-19 Vaccination Reactivates Highly Contagious Virus: Studies
Reports of people being diagnosed with shingles on the rise

Doctors and scientists are seeing an increase in the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, known as varicella-zoster virus (VZV), following the COVID-19 injections.

The chickenpox virus is one of the eight herpes viruses known to infect humans. After a person contracts and recovers from chickenpox, the virus never leaves the body but lies dormant in the nervous system for life.

The chickenpox virus will show up as shingles, or herpes zoster (HZ) when it gets reactivated.

Federal health authorities claim that there’s no correlation between COVID-19 injections and shingles, but studies show that there is a higher incidence of shingles in people who’ve received the vaccine.

Israel was one of the earlier countries to publish a case series of six women (out of 491 participants) with an autoimmune disorder who developed shingles 3 to 14 days after receiving the first or second dose of Pfizer COVID-19 shot. None of the 99 participants in the control group developed shingles. The study was published in the journal Rheumatology in April 2021.

“To our knowledge, there were no reports of varicella-like skin rash or HZ in the mRNA-based vaccines COVID-19 clinical trials and our case series is the first one to report this observation in patients within a relatively young age range: 36–61, average age 49 ± 11 years,” the authors wrote.

They hoped that publishing the case series would “raise awareness to a potential causal link between COVID-19 vaccination as a trigger of HZ reactivation in relatively young patients with stable AIIRD [autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases].”

In a different case study from Taiwan, researchers reported three healthy men ages 71, 46, and 42 who developed shingles two to seven days following the first dose of the Moderna or AstraZeneca COVID-19 injection.

“HZ does not often appear after the administration of other kinds of vaccinations,” the researchers wrote. “But we believed that there might be a link between COVID-19 vaccine and HZ emergence.”

“One of the reasons is the short delay of onset after vaccination. The other reason is that these three patients were immunocompetent,” they added.

The largest study to date, based on real-world data (pdf) of more than two million patients, found that there was a higher incidence of shingles among the vaccinated (who received a COVID-19 shot within 60 days) than in the unvaccinated cohort, who were diagnosed with shingles within 60 days of visiting a healthcare office for any other reason.

According to the researchers, the risk of developing shingles was calculated as 0.20 percent for the vaccinated group and 0.11 percent for the unvaccinated, and the “difference was statistically highly significant.”

“Reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus appears to be a potential ADR [adverse drug reaction] to COVID-19 vaccines, at least for mRNA LNP-based formulations,” the authors wrote, adding that “vaccination against COVID-19 seems to potentially raise the risk of precipitating HZ [herpes zoster].”

Dr. Richard Urso, an ophthalmologist, and drug design and treatment specialist, told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program in April 2022 that of the three to five patients he sees a week with long COVID or problems after receiving the COVID-19 shot, “a huge number of them have reactivated Epstein-Barr, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, CMV.”

Regardless of the rise in reports of shingles after the rollout of the COVID-19 shots, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that it has not detected any safety signal between the two.

“FDA has not seen a safety signal for shingles/herpes zoster following administration of the approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines,” Abby Capobianco, FDA press officer told The Epoch Times via email last month, adding that the agency “will continue to closely monitor the safety of these vaccines.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also alleges that “there is no current connection” between COVID-19 vaccines and the reactivation of the chickenpox virus.

CDC spokesperson Scott Pauley said that any adverse reactions experienced after receiving a COVID-19 shot are temporary and a positive sign that the vaccine is working.

“Some people have side effects from the vaccine, which are normal signs that their body is building protection,” Pauley wrote in an email to The Epoch Times. “These side effects may affect their ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days. Some people have no side effects, and allergic reactions are rare.”

Shingles is listed as one of the 1,291 adverse events of special interest in Pfizer’s safety document (pdf) released by the FDA in March 2022.

Adverse events of special interest (AESI) are side effects—that can be severe or not but can lead to a serious medical condition—that health care practitioners should look out for following vaccination, according to Dr. Jesse Santiano, an emergency room physician and internist.

“The medical conditions in the list does not mean that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine causes all of those,” Santiano said on May 11. “That’s because we don’t have enough data to make that conclusion, at least not yet.”

The list of medical conditions is not specific to only Pfizer, but to all COVID-19 vaccines administered globally. Anyone who’s received a COVID-19 injection and then diagnosed with a disorder on the list—whether months or years after the shot—should make a report to the vaccine maker or Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

The earliest reports made to VAERS of people developing the painful rash after their COVID-19 shot was in December 2020. According to the latest VAERS data as of June 10, 2022, there were 1.301 million total COVID-19 reports in the database, of which, 13,887 cases were of shingles.

In comparison, a search of herpes zoster and influenza vaccines or shingles vaccine resulted in 1,127 total events in the past three decades and more than 18,000 events in over 15 years, respectively.

The CDC says that VAERS reports do not necessarily mean that the vaccine caused the adverse effect.

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Sun Jun 26, 2022 2:03 am

Oops, things are beginning to move now, we are seeing day by day more nasties from these 'vaccines'. I hope Van Tam and Whitty have a secure bunker to retire to...

BMJ editor: Covid vaccines more likely to put you in hospital than keep you out

A NEW paper by BMJ Editor Dr Peter Doshi and colleagues has analysed data from the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine trials and found that the vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital with a serious adverse event than keep you out by protecting you from Covid.

The pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed) focuses on serious adverse events highlighted in a WHO-endorsed ‘priority list of potential adverse events relevant to COVID-19 vaccines’. The authors evaluated these serious adverse events of special interest as observed in ‘phase III randomised trials of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines’.

A serious adverse event was defined as per the trial protocols as an adverse event that results in any of the following conditions:

life-threatening at the time of the event;
inpatient hospitalisation or prolongation of existing hospitalisation;
persistent or significant disability/incapacity;
a congenital anomaly/birth defect;
medically important event, based on medical judgement.

Dr Doshi and colleagues found that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines were associated with an increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest of 10.1 events per 10,000 vaccinated for Pfizer and 15.1 events per 10,000 for Moderna (95 per cent CI -0.4 to 20.6 and -3.6 to 33.8, respectively). When combined, the mRNA vaccines were associated with a risk increase of serious adverse events of special interest of 12.5 per 10,000 vaccinated (95 per cent CI 2.1 to 22.9).

The authors note that this level of increased risk post-vaccine is greater than the risk reduction for Covid-19 hospitalisation in both Pfizer and Moderna trials, which was 2.3 per 10,000 participants for Pfizer and 6.4 per 10,000 for Moderna. This means that on this measure, the Pfizer vaccine results in a net increase in serious adverse events of 7.8 per 10,000 vaccinated and the Moderna vaccine of 8.7 per 10,000 vaccinated.

Addressing the difference between their findings and those of the FDA when it approved the vaccines, the authors note that the FDA’s analysis of serious adverse events ‘included thousands of additional participants with very little follow-up, of which the large majority had only received one dose’. The FDA also counted ‘people affected’ rather than individual events, despite there being twice as many individuals in the vaccine group than in the placebo group who experienced multiple serious adverse events.

The authors wonder where the U.S. Government’s own studies of adverse events are. They note that in July 2021, the FDA reported detecting four potential adverse events of interest following Pfizer vaccination – pulmonary embolism, acute myocardial infarction, immune thrombocytopenia and disseminated intravascular coagulation – and stated it would further investigate the findings. However, no update has yet appeared.

They also note that ‘while CDC published a protocol in early 2021 for using proportional reporting ratios for signal detection in the VAERS database, the agency has not yet reported such a study’.

The authors point out their results are compatible with a recent pre-print analysis of Covid-19 vaccine trials by Benn et al, which found ‘no evidence of a reduction in overall mortality in the mRNA vaccine trials’, with 31 deaths in the vaccine arms versus 30 deaths in the placebo arms (3 per cent increase; 95 per cent CI 0.63 to 1.71).

Noting their study is limited by the fact that the raw data from Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials are not publicly available, they stress that ‘given the global public health implications, there is an urgency to make all Covid-19 trial data public, particularly regarding serious adverse events, without any further delay’.

They conclude that there is a need for formal harm-benefit analyses for Covid vaccines, taking into account the different levels of risk of serious Covid and adverse events that exist between demographic groups. Ideally, this would be based on individual participant data, they say, though such data remain frustratingly unavailable.

This appeared in the Daily Sceptic on June 22, 2022, and is republished by kind permission.

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby dutchman » Fri Jul 01, 2022 10:39 am

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Re: All these big wigs telling us how great the new vaccine is...

Postby rebbonk » Wed Jul 06, 2022 1:07 pm

It couldn't happen, they said...

COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

New disturbing pharmacovigilance signals from VAERS surrounding the use of the COVID vaccines on women of reproductive age prompted a group of doctors to call for a ban on the gene therapy COVID-19 vaccines.

Over the past two weeks, Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine expert, painstakingly analyzed and verified the most recent Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data related to COVID-19 vaccines and compared them to the influenza vaccines.

“COVID-19 vaccines compared to the influenza vaccines are associated with increases in menstrual disorders, miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal malformations, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal cardiac arrhythmias, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal vascular mal-perfusion abnormalities, abnormal fetal surveillance testing, abnormal fetal growth patterns, placental thrombosis, and fetal death,” Thorp told The Epoch Times last week.

His findings are listed below:

Abnormal uterine bleeding (menstrual irregularity) is 1000-fold greater
Miscarriages are 50-fold greater
Fetal chromosomal abnormalities are 100-fold greater
Fetal malformation is 50-fold greater
Fetal cystic hygroma (a major malformation) is 90-fold greater
Fetal cardiac disorders are 40-fold greater
Fetal arrhythmia is 50-fold greater
Fetal cardiac arrest is 200-fold greater
Fetal vascular mal-perfusion is a 100-fold greater
Fetal growth abnormalities are 40-fold greater
Fetal abnormal surveillance tests are 20-fold greater
Fetal placental thrombosis is 70-fold greater

Thorp said that he verified his analysis with a DOD (Department of Defense) statistical consultant that agreed to help him on the condition of anonymity.

Lack of Safety Testing

Regarding the VAERS data, vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone, a key contributor of mRNA technology, told The Epoch Times on Thursday: “The risky strategy of authorizing the emergency use of mRNA ‘vaccine’ products prior to completion of rigorous non-clinical animal testing for reproductive and genotoxicity risks, followed by advocacy of widespread use in pregnancy, now appears to have resulted in substantial and avoidable reproductive toxicity.”

“Prior non-clinical (animal model) data from the Pfizer Emergency Use Authorization data package, together with the absence of adequate data and testing of safety during pregnancy have resulted in avoidable reproductive and fetal toxicities,” Malone further noted.

He stressed that expectant mothers should avoid the “experimental” COVID vaccines and that their infants should not be injected with them.

“These new VAERS data and analyses demonstrate that both reproductive-aged mothers and their infants have been damaged by accepting unlicensed, inadequately tested, emergency use authorized genetic vaccines,” Malone said.

Earlier this year Jessica Rose Ph.D. co-authored a VAERS analysis that got withdrawn by the academic journal Elsevier.

She told The Epoch Times that Thorp’s analysis aligns perfectly with hers.

“I do believe it is not only important, but necessary, to pull these products from pregnant/breastfeeding women and infants since there is no long-term safety data and the short-term data looks bad. As per both Moderna and Pfizer’s safety documents presented to VRBPAC pre-EUA granting for 0- 4-year-olds, this applies. They both showed terrible risk,” Rose said.

Christiane Northrup, MD., a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, also stands by the analysis.

“Having been on the front lines of the DES disaster as a young OB/GYN, I am astounded that we are repeating the same kind of mistake but on a far more devastating level. COVID-19 shots must be stopped immediately in all pregnant women before further damage is done to the next generation,” Northrup told The Epoch Times.

Thorp continued: “All of these adverse outcomes are statistically significant (p value < 0.0001)–in other words, the probability of these adverse outcomes occurring by chance alone is less than 1 in 10,000. It was incumbent upon the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, FDA, CDC, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology to have demanded this safety data prior to pushing these dangerous ‘vaccines’ in pregnancy.”

“These institutions have violated the golden rule of pregnancy: new substances be it nutraceuticals, drugs, or vaccines have NEVER been allowed in pregnancy until long-term outcome data are available. Now, the COVID-19 vaccines make prior obstetrical disasters of diethyl stilbesterol (DES) and thalidomide look like prenatal vitamins. I am calling for a worldwide ban and moratorium on the use of any experimental gene therapy and/or COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ in pregnancy until long-term safety data are irrefutable,” Thorp stated.

According to, “The U.S. Government collects reports of adverse health events that follow the administration of a vaccine” and can be seen in the VAERS database publicly.

According to OpenVAERS, “VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System put in place in 1990. It is a voluntary reporting system that has been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries.”

The VAERS official disclaimer, however, states: “While very important in monitoring vaccine safety, VAERS reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness.”

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