This is what butchers think about a proposed 'meat tax'

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This is what butchers think about a proposed 'meat tax'

Postby dutchman » Thu Nov 08, 2018 3:03 pm

They have real 'beef' about the proposal


Butchers say they would have major ‘beef’ if a meat tax was brought in.

Scientists at the University of Oxford have suggested that governments should consider imposing price hikes on red meat - such as beef, lamb and pork - to reduce consumption, which would help save lives.

But, butchers across Coventry and Nuneaton say that such a tax would do more harm than good for health.

A spokesperson for Scotts Butchers in Coventry said: "The thing is, we have been eating meat since time began, it is not the meat that is causing the problem, it is the carbohydrates and everything else.

"This is just another way of trying to make money out of people. Us butchers have been really through it the past 20 years, with BSE and things like that, this is just another thing to scaremonger.

"I would certainly know how they plan to tax it, it is just not right."

Similar sentiments were echoed by Tim Parker, one of the directors at Nuneaton’s famed Frank Parker Butchers.

“Lean red meat is actually really good for you, it helps people who are dieting and those who are low on iron," Mr Parker said.

“You can understand the sugar tax, but one on red meat? It should be down to choice, if you want to eat red meat, then eat it, if you don’t, don’t. There shouldn’t be a tax, people should simply have a choice if they eat it or not.”

He went on: “You would have to tax it at source and I am not sure how that would work. It is obviously something we would not support.”

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Re: This is what butchers think about a proposed 'meat tax'

Postby Melisandre » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:36 pm

More like they should stop putting Palm oil which has beta carotene which causes lung cancers and other cancers also hydrogenerated oil which cause heart deases blocks arteries makes you fat and also cause cancer into nearly all our foods which includes bread chocolate etc.
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Re: This is what butchers think about a proposed 'meat tax'

Postby rebbonk » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:04 pm

It's a completely stupid idea concocted by academics who have no idea of real life.

Put the price of red meat up, the demand will fall (less tax revenue), the demand for white meat will rise (prices will rise to accommodate this) and we will hit yet another point where the worst off in society will suffer.
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