Coventry café owner offers free meals to children during school holidays

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Re: Coventry café owner offers free meals to children during school holidays

Postby Melisandre » Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:43 pm

dutchman wrote:

How can prisons allow and issue prisonees with tv s x box games for prisoners as it would be against their civil libities not to have these things drugs gym and all they get in there but different rules for joe blogs the poor etc it should nt even be a disscussion or critised to compare poor v prisoners are they saying it pays to be a vilan and brake the law to jave these things . Social services would be on your back if your child was nt sent to school yet nothing is being done or said from Social Services of malnutrition of a child with the government not prepared to pay for a free meal for those. children. .

Those on benefits who can afford Sky etc are mainly ones with big families as its cheaper to buy for many than the few or some are being helped by family or doing dodgy things to get these things.

I bought up my 3 children on benefits the same amount as it cost Margaret Thatchers hair do which cost £58 .00 per week prior to that I had benefits of £16.00 per week and had to pay £5.00 rent and bills out of that . I could nt afford a tv my 2 eldest never had a tv being bought up. A lot later when I had my youngest she was a teenager my other two children had left home which is when a family member gave me a tv and bought a tv licence for my daughter and I as a Christmas present they then bought in you could pay monthly for a licence which as a one parent I was allowed to work part time for no more than £15 .00 for no more than 16 hours with out benefits being affected it was £10.00 for a couple at the time...
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