The sorry state of the former Highfield Road ground

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The sorry state of the former Highfield Road ground

Postby dutchman » Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:35 pm

Piles of rotting household waste and groups of teenagers hanging around taking drugs and having sex in public are blighting the Sky Blues' former home, residents claim


Mounds of rotting trash, anti-social behaviour and vandalism are blighting the former home of the Sky Blues, residents say.

Pitiful scenes were in evidence this week on the estate in Signet Square, Hillfields, where the pitch and stands once stood.

Piles of festering household rubbish were left outside communal bin shelters, leading to worries about vermin descending on the area.

Graffiti also daubs a commemorative plaque that marks the stadium site in a small green at the centre of the estate, where Coventry City FC played their last game 15 years ago.

Residents say there have also been problems with drugs and anti-social behaviour, including teenagers having sex in and around the recreational space at the centre of the estate.

When CoventryLive visited on Monday (January 7), pest control contractors working for Coventry City Council were at the scene, taking pictures of the communal bins and undergrowth.

Broken glass, plastic bottles and spent fireworks were strewn across the green.

Jackob Kowalski and his partner have been left disgusted by the piles of trash that have built up outside a rubbish hut in one corner of the square.

Despite the eyesore, at least two wheelie bins were empty – suggesting fly-tippers had simply not bothered to use the containers.

Mr Kowalski said: “At the front of the hut there are two bins which are full but there are another three or four inside which are empty. People are too lazy to go and put their rubbish in the empty bins.

"It doesn’t look nice and we have seen rats and urban foxes here. We’ve been here since November and it’s been the same ever since. When it’s windy the rubbish goes everywhere.”

In another corner just off the square, the same problem has surfaced, with dumped plastic bags of household waste left to rot.

A notice on the front door of a nearby block of flats warns residents not to leave trash near cars, suggesting waste left in the wrong place is a recurrent problem.

Residents in Signet Square also complained about anti-social behaviour which they blame on groups of teenagers who they say gather in the area.

A 50-year-old homeowner, who asked not to be named, said: “The problem is there’s too much crime going on here. We have a private driveway and people are using it to smoke drugs.

"There are teenagers who don’t live here who gather on the green and in the children’s playground, they have even been having sex in full view of the families and kids, it’s disgusting.

"We’re not the only family who live here and feel like this. We have given up calling the police, they don’t listen.”

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