Self-declared 'King of Nuneaton' jailed over racist pub attack

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Self-declared 'King of Nuneaton' jailed over racist pub attack

Postby dutchman » Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:11 pm

He attacked an acquaintance on the car park of The Crows Nest


The self-declared ‘King of Nuneaton’ has been jailed for a vile racist attack he carried out on a pub car park.

Promising boxer Johnny Dunne, who Coventry Crown Court heard was about to turn professional, pleaded guilty to a charge of racially aggravated common assault.

He denied further charges of racially aggravated damage and racially aggravated threatening behaviour – but changed those pleas to guilty on the day of his trial.

Appearing for sentence Dunne, 19, of the Griff Caravan Park, Coventry Road, Nuneaton, was handed a 19 month custodial sentence.
Tyson fury fight

Prosecutor Richard Reynolds said that in June last year Remae James, his girlfriend and a friend, Matthew Harris, went to the Crows Nest pub in Nuneaton hoping to watch a Tyson Fury boxing match.

They decided to go elsewhere because the fight was not being screened there, but in the pub Mr James saw Dunne, and they recognised each-other, having been to the same school.

And when they left, Dunne also went outside, saying he wanted to speak to Mr James, and once they were on the car park, he immediately punched Mr James to the face.

As a startled Mr James asked what he was doing Dunne, who had been drinking, told him: “You two think you can box. You’re bums. You're b**** b***. I’m the king.”

Dunne, who had no previous convictions, then punched him again, saying: “I am the king of Nuneaton. You two are b**** b*******.”

Mr James defended himself by punching Dunne who then began kicking Mr James’s car, damaging the panels and wing mirror, and was aggressive towards Mr Harris when he tried to intervene.

In a statement read in court, Mr James described Dunne’s tirade as ‘disgusting language,’ and said he believed he had been picked on because of the colour of his skin.

And he said he had seen Dunne since the incident and felt Dunne had sought to intimidate him, added Mr Reynolds.

{J}ailing Dunne, Judge Lockhart told him: “Front and centre of such allegations are the victims. You on this day behaved appallingly towards them.

“I have seen a statement from this young man that this incident occurred because of the colour of his skin. He has been gravely upset, and has suffered a loss by reason of his vehicle being damaged, and you have tried to intimidate him.

“Plainly the reason you asked him outside and wanted to assault him was because of his race.

“For a racially aggravated offence such as this I am absolutely clear a sentence of imprisonment must be imposed.

“I must then consider whether such a sentence can be suspended. I am sad to say that, even with your mitigation, where a man behaves across a period such as this and continues to use vile racial language, appropriate punishment can only be achieved by immediate custody.”

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