Eyewitness speaks after Foleshill takeaway crash which saw driver run off

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Eyewitness speaks after Foleshill takeaway crash which saw driver run off

Postby dutchman » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:05 pm

A takeaway was badly damaged and the owner has spoken of his shock


An eyewitness has spoken of the moment a car ended up lodged in a Foleshill takeaway window after smashing in to a van.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, was in the car behind the van which was hit by another car at the busy junction of Foleshill Road and Station Street at around 6am.

She says the offending driver had tried to rush through the crossroads as the traffic lights changed, with severe consequences.

And now West Midlands Police has revealed that the driver of the BMW, which smashed through the shutters of Rio's Peri Peri and was covered in bricks and debris, fled the scene.

The woman who witnessed the crash said she was driving directly behind the van along Foleshill Road towards Coventry city centre.

She told CoventryLive: "We were at the lights heading towards the city centre at the Station Street junction.

"Our lights turned green and we were carrying on as normal and you just saw this car come out of the side street straight in to the van, which turned it around, and the car then crashed in to the takeaway.

"They [those in the car] fled the scene."

The anonymous eyewitness stopped at the scene of the collision and stayed with the van driver, who she says recently moved to Coventry from Manchester, until medics arrived.

She believes the van driver suffered leg injuries, but added that he "was talking and was in good spirits".

The owner of Rio's Peri Peri told CoventryLive that a friend rang him this morning to tell him about the crash.

Speaking to our reporter in Foleshill Road, Saqib Hussain said he was “shocked” by what had happened, but he was more bothered that everyone involved was okay, rather than the damage to the takeaway.

Mr Hussain was also relieved that the crash didn’t happen when Rio’s was open.

A statement released by West Midlands Police said officers were called to a two-car collision on Foleshill Road at the junction with Station Street West.

It stated: "Officers were called just after 6am after a car went into the back of another car and then into a shop.

"One driver, a man, is being treated for minor injuries and enquiries continue to trace the driver of the other vehicle.

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