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Cops take action against beggars in Bedworth town centre

Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:56 pm

Repeated reports have been made about their behaviour


Beggars in Bedworth town centre have been warned to stop by cops - or risk further action.

Bedworth Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) officers have revealed that they have given warning notices given out to two men.

It follows a string of reports about them begging in the town centre.

Bedworth Cops said: “Two male's repeatedly reported for begging in Bedworth town centre have been issued warning notices. If they continue this will lead to a Committee Protection Notice.

“We are working with other agencies to establish the male's circumstances to aid them if they are homeless.”

It is the first wave of action against begging in Bedworth and follows on from similar operation in Nuneaton town centre.

Officers gave out six official warnings to beggars around the town centre following reports of aggressive and intimidating behaviour.

They also warned that Community Protection Notice could follow if the warnings were not listened to.


Re: Cops take action against beggars in Bedworth town centre

Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:03 pm

Police crackdown on aggressive beggars in Nuneaton

Cops need victims to come forward to help curb Nuneaton town centre’s problems with aggressive beggars and those pretending to live on the streets to feed addictions.

Police say that, in order to take the action that people are baying for on social media, they need people to make official statements.

These statements can then be used to help build up evidence so that action can be taken against those who are being aggressive, using begging to help feed addictions or pretending to be homeless when they, in fact, so have homes.

Nuneaton Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) officers are taking action in the face of a huge number of complaints.

“ Nuneaton is seen as easy pickings because people have hearts of gold and they want to try and help,” said a spokesperson for the SNT.

“We have had lots of complaints, we know there have been some aggressive begging and also some people who are begging but have homes but we need people and shops to make statements, which we can read out on their behalf in court, we need to know if their lives have been impacted or if they have been intimidated or seen people taking drugs on the streets.”


Re: Cops take action against beggars in Bedworth town centre

Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:16 am

Fake homeless man arrested for begging in Nuneaton

A persistent beggar will face going to court after being caught asking for cash in Nuneaton town centre after being warned to stop.

The man, who has not been identified, had been given a Community Protection Notice (CPN) by cops for begging.

But on Thursday, November 22, police caught the man, who is not homeless, begging again.

He was taken to Nuneaton Police Station and was interviewed for breaching his CPN.

A spokesperson for Nuneaton Safer Neighbourhood Team explained: "A file will now compiled and he will be summoned for court for begging, breach of his CPN and we will attach a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which will contain certain conditions."

I somehow doubt this is a genuine report and intended more as a warning to potential beggars. :roll:
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