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Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:08 pm
by dutchman
Tory vice-chairs quit over PM's Brexit plan


Two vice-chairs of the Conservative Party are quitting their posts in protest at Theresa May's Chequers Brexit compromise plan.

Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley warned the PM her plan would not capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit.

"This policy will be bad for our country and bad for the party," Ms Caulfield said.

Ms Caulfield, who was vice chairwoman for women, supported Leave in the EU referendum. Mr Bradley - who backed Remain - had a brief trying to appeal to young voters. The Conservatives have nine vice chairmen in total, appointed in January's reshuffle.

In her resignation letter to Mrs May, Ms Caulfield said the proposed new trading relationship with the EU did not "fully embrace the opportunities that Brexit can provide".

Mr Bradley said he could not "with any sincerity defend this course" to voters in his Leave-backing constituency of Mansfield.

He criticised the decision to adopt a "backstop" position on customs to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland, saying it was becoming "the barrier to the kind of wide-ranging free trade agreement with the EU that many in our party and the country would like to see".



Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:42 pm
by rebbonk
Oh don't we live in interesting times :rolling:

Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:33 pm
by dutchman
rebbonk wrote:I listened to two MPs on BBC earlier. Both essentially said the same thing:- Tell the EU that negotiations are at an end. We'll leave on the appointed date on WTO terms, and only honour any legal obligations we have: There will be no 'exit' fee! If they wish to negotiate on this, they better get their skates on and talk to us. Doing this, everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Both also pointed out that the 'big' businesses griping at the moment (JLR, Siemens, Airbus.) have strong Germanic connections so are bound to be rooting for the EU, hence their bleating ought not be taken too seriously.

The managing director of Philips also threatened to pull out of Britain which is quite funny because a) The only thing Philips still makes in Britain is babies dummies and feeding bottles and b) Holland is still in the EU but Philips have moved half its jobs there to Poland.

Van Houten is so unpopular with former Philips employees that my dad's local news site had to disable all replies to the story.

Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:18 pm
by rebbonk
It's beginning to look like Treason May had this soft Brexit (no Brexit) plan in mind all along. Once a remainer, always a remainer!

Rees-Mogg was interviewed on BBC this morning and refused to describe her as duplicitous, prefering to describe her as political. I'm not the gentleman that JRM is, I have no hesitation in calling her duplicitous and far worse! The woman is an abomination.

Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:28 pm
by dutchman
Theresa May hit by her eighth resignation over Brexit plans in nine days, as ministerial aide quits


Theresa May faced a fresh blow with another resignation - bringing the total number of Government members or senior Conservative party officials who have quit since she unveiled her Brexit plans up to eight.

Robert Courts, a junior ministerial aide, said he could not look himself in the mirror if he had stayed on in Government.

Mr Courts was a parliamentary private secretary (PPS) at the Foreign Office, which until last week was led by Boris Johnson.


Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:16 pm
by dutchman
Brexit plan leads Cornwall MP Scott Mann to resign from Treasury in latest blow to Theresa May


North Cornwall MP Scott Mann has resigned from his position at the Treasury over Brexit.

The Conservative MP, who was a parliamentary private secretary (PPS), said it was "with great sadness" that he was resigning from the post.

Writing to the Prime Minister to announce his resignation Mr Mann said that he considered Theresa May's plan to be a "watered down Brexit".

His letter states: "Over the coming days, weeks and months I fear that elements of the Brexit white paper will inevitably put me in direct conflict with the views expressed by a large section of my constituents. I am not prepared to compromise their wishes to deliver a watered down Brexit.

"The residents of North Cornwall made it very clear that they wish to have control over our fishery, our agricultural policy, our money, our laws and our borders. I will evaluate those core principles against the Brexit white paper and ensure that I vote in line with their wishes.

"It has been a pleasure to serve as a parliamentary private secretary in transport and then the treasury. I wish to thank you for that opportunity."

Mr Mann is the ninth member of the Government to resign since the Brexit plan was set out by Mrs May at Chequers.

Cornwall News

Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:42 pm
by dutchman
Brexit vote: Government defeats EU customs union bid


The government has survived an attempt by pro-EU Conservative MPs to change its post-Brexit trade strategy.

The MPs wanted the UK to join a customs union if it does not agree a free-trade deal with the EU.

But the government, which says a customs union would stop it striking new trade deals, won by 307 to 301.

Ahead of the vote, Tory MPs were told a defeat would lead to a vote of no confidence in the government, sources told the BBC's John Pienaar.

The government did, however, lose a separate vote on its Trade Bill on the regulation of medicines after Brexit.

MPs backed an amendment by 305 votes to 301 that would keep the UK in the European medicines regulatory network.

There were 12 Tory rebels in both the customs and medicines votes - but the government's total was boosted by four Labour MPs in the customs vote.

The vote on medicine regulation was only the government's second defeat on Brexit in the House of Commons.

MPs voted for the UK to take "all necessary steps" to participate in the regulatory network operated by the European Medicines Agency after it leaves the EU.

The agency, which evaluates and supervises medicines and helps national authorities authorise the sale of drugs across the EU, is currently based in London but is moving to Amsterdam after Brexit.

There have been warnings that Brexit may cause delays in UK patients getting new drugs.

The government says it is "seeking participation" in the agency after Brexit and would make an "appropriate financial contribution" in return.

But it has not agreed to take "all necessary steps" to secure this.

Responding to the defeat, the government said: "We will now reflect on this amendment and seek to revisit in the Lords."


Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:06 pm
by dutchman
Boris Johnson accuses Theresa May of seeking 'Brexit in name only' in damning resignation speech


Boris Johnson has accused Theresa May of seeking "Brexit in name only" in a damning speech to mark his resignation from Cabinet last week.

In a withering assessment of the prime minister's handling of Brexit, the former Foreign Secretary told MPs that Britain is heading for "economic vassalage" and warned that "a fog of self-doubt" has descended over the prime minister's premiership.

He said that ministers had "dithered" for 18 months in negotiations with the EU, and accused May of allowing the Northern Irish border issue to become too central to negotiations.

"We dithered and we burned through our negotiating capital," he told MPs.

"Worst of all we allowed the question of the Northern Ireland border... to become so politically charged as to dominate the debate."

He condemned the prime minister's decision to move away from a Brexit vision presented in January last year at Lancaster House and towards the Chequers agreement reached earlier this month, which would see the UK pursue a softer form of Brexit and remain closely aligned with some EU rules.

"The result of accepting the EU's rulebooks … is that we have much less scope to do free trade deals," he said.

"Which we should all acknowledge because if we don’t we make the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public ... saying one thing to the EU and another to the electorate."

He insisted it was "not too late to save Brexit."

"We have time, we have changed tack once and we can change again," he said.

Leading Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg called Johnson's statement "the speech of a statesman."


Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:19 pm
by dutchman
Farage predicts shock UK-EU campaign to SUSPEND Article 50


Mr Farage has predicted the plot will force a suspension of Article 50.

The Brexit campaigner has predicted a "huge surrender will be given away from Britain in September or October" to the EU.

Speaking on his Sunday LBC radio programme, Mr Farage said a new campaign to defeat Brexiteers would be launched between the EU and UK this autumn.

He said that EU's chief negogiator Michel Barnier will be very tough with Britain, forcing time "to run out," which he claims suits the anti-Brexiteers.

The Ukip MEP said: "That is my prediction, that come the autumn, we will make yet more concessions. We will be humiliated further.

"There will be a massive establishment attempt to say time has now run out which suits Barnier beautifully.

"They'll say we can’t do anything before March 29th, it is technically impossible so we must suspend Article 50.

"There will then be a huge campaign in autumn to achieve this."


Re: Brexiteers tear apart 'sell out' free trade area plan

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:24 pm
by dutchman
BORIS JOHNSON: We have wrapped a suicide vest around our constitution and handed the detonator to Brussels


Why are they bullying us? How can they get away with it? It is one of the mysteries of the current Brexit negotiations that the UK is so utterly feeble.

We have a massive economy; the sixth largest in the world. We ought to be able to do that giant and generous free trade deal the Prime Minister originally spoke of. And yet it’s, ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir’.

At every stage in the talks so far, Brussels gets what Brussels wants. We have agreed to the EU’s timetable; we have agreed to hand over £39 billion, for nothing in return.

Now under the Chequers proposal, we are set to agree to accept their rules – forever – with no say on the making of those rules.

It is a humiliation. We look like a seven-stone weakling being comically bent out of shape by a 500 lb gorilla. And the reason is simple: Northern Ireland, and the insanity of the so-called ‘backstop’.

We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail. We have wrapped a suicide vest around the British constitution – and handed the detonator to Michel Barnier.

Read more: ... -deal.html