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Lorry gets stuck under unused Nuneaton railway bridge - again

Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:04 pm

This is not the first time a large vehicle has found itself wedged under the bridge in Hinckley Road


A lorry found itself stuck under a low bridge in Nuneaton this morning, reigniting pleas for the bridge to be removed.

This is not the first time a large vehicle has found itself wedged under the disused railway bridge in Hinckley Road and after the crash people are again calling for it to be pulled down.

Residents living close by reported hearing a bang as the lorry drove under the bridge at around 9am.

Coun Keith Kondakor, who represents the Weddington ward on both the borough and county councils, has been campaigning to have the bridge removed.

He said: “There was an incredible noise, It’s been a spectacularly dangerous bridge for ages, we have got the signs improved now but it will keep happening, we really need the bridge taken out, it’s an accident black spot and where it is it backs up the traffic.

“I have been asking the county council to get it taken out. It’s totally redundant. It can never be reopened. It’s a dangerous pinch point for cyclists, pedestrians and everyone.

“In the last two years there’s probably been four bridge strikes now. Everyone is really going to benefit if it wasn’t there, what’s the point of keeping it?”

The removal of the bridge was discussed at a county council full council meeting in March when Coun Peter Butlin, cabinet member for transport and planning, revealed it would cost £200,000 and was ‘not a priority at present.’

Coun Kondakor added: “I think it’s a case of trying to find someone with the money and the will to do it. We need to get one of the house builders to pay for removing the bridge as part of improving traffic.

Warwickshire Police was called to the scene and partially closed the road.

A recovery service was sent to remove the lorry and make it safe. The road was clear shortly after 10.55am.


Re: Lorry gets stuck under unused Nuneaton railway bridge - again

Sat May 26, 2018 4:59 pm

Delays around Nuneaton as notorious bridge hit by lorry AGAIN


A lorry has hit a notorious disused bridge in Nuneaton again.

The lorry is completely wedged underneath the Hinckley Road bridge, joining many others who have made the same mistake.

The vehicle has ended up tilted on one side due to the collision.

Only one side of wheels is on the ground, with the others halfway up in the air.

The bridge is notorious for lorries getting stuck underneath and causing traffic chaos.

Today is no different.

Last October, the government announced that funding for a project to get rid of the disused railway bridge had been successful.

The Department for Transport will provide £2.84million for a traffic busting scheme on the A47 Hinckley Road, which includes demolishing the bridge.


Re: Lorry gets stuck under unused Nuneaton railway bridge - again

Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:35 pm

Demolition of Nuneaton railway bridge delayed for third time


Council bosses have admitted plans to demolish a lorry-battered bridge in Nuneaton have been delayed for a third time.

In fact the works to pull down the former railway line bridge in Old Hinckley Road are not expected to take place until February next year.

This would be four months later than Warwickshire County Council had planned and the fourth new date set for when the bridge, which has been at the centre of traffic woes, will finally be removed.

Shire Hall bosses say that issues with tendering out the contract for the works are once again behind the set-back.

This was the same case when the works were due to start in August, then September and now in the October half-term.

But because a pledge has been made to carry out the demolition during the school holidays, to reduce disruption on the roads, and there is also a ban on any major roadworks over Christmas, the next available time is the school holidays in February 2020.

A Shire Hall spokesperson explained: "Unfortunately the tender process was far more complex than had been expected as there were literally no documents in existence relating to the bridge other than a single A4 piece of paper detailing safety inspections over the years.

"Before this work could go out to tender all the documentation needed to ensure a safe demolition had to be created from scratch, which is a laborious process.

"The good news is that the work is now out to tender with a deadline of 26 October and the award process is expected to be swift and completed by early November 2019.

"Unfortunately there is a blanket ban on works over the Christmas period in Nuneaton, which would be our first available opportunity, after awarding of the contract, to complete the works.

"In keeping with our commitment to minimise the disruption caused by the demolition, the next available dates after Christmas are the February 2020 half term."

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