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Steam, Sony and Amazon are all issuing refunds on No Man's Sky

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:49 am
by dutchman
The game's had a LOT of problems since launch


Steam, Sony and Amazon are reportedly issuing refunds for PC users of No Man's Sky after weeks of problems since its launch.

According to Game Revolution, Steam is accepting requests for refunds no matter what the logged play time.

However, Steam has written a notice on its No Man's Sky page stating that its "standard policy" applies to the game, which states that a title can only be refunded before two hours of play.

Additionally, Sony and Amazon US are also reported to be offering refunds (via Gadgets 360) to players however long their play time.

Many users have claimed on Reddit that they have successfully received refunds for the game despite having spent quite a while on it.

This all comes after expectations for the much-anticipated game were dashed due to numerous performance and stability issues, with Hello Games having released a series of patches to fix crash issues.

Additionally, reviewers have questioned its enduring appeal, the sandbox-style exploration format coming under criticism for its lack of things to actually do.

Since its release earlier this month, No Man's Sky's sales have dropped 81%, despite topping the charts when launched.

PC Invasion also reports that the number of players dropped dramatically from 220,000 to 15,700 by its second week.

No Man's Sky is available now for PS4 and PC.