Retailers are selling Uncharted 4 two weeks early

Retailers are selling Uncharted 4 two weeks early

Postby dutchman » Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:05 pm

The game is already showing up on eBay and in CEX

Some naughty retailers have reportedly broken the street date for Uncharted 4.

Two weeks before it's meant to go on sale, copies of Uncharted 4 have been cropping up on eBay for as much as £90.

According to Videogamer, some pre-order customers have received shipping notifications from Amazon, while one bloke even picked up a boxed copy from CEX for £55.

It looks like early adopters will have to wait for the multiplayer servers to be switched on and the day-one bonus DLC isn't available just yet, but the campaign is there in all its glory.

If you're still waiting for your copy, Sony has released a new trailer that blends story bits with gameplay footage.

It's only a brief one, but it's as action-packed as you'd expect.

A recent delay means that Uncharted 4 will now be officially released on May 10, two weeks after it was supposed to debut on April 26 - which is today, funnily enough. This in itself was a delay from March, which was also a delay from late 2015.

Clearly Sony is expecting big things, because the latest delay was to ensure there were enough discs ready for launch.
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