Only half of visitors attended Coventry's Godiva Festival

Only half of visitors attended Coventry's Godiva Festival

Postby dutchman » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:55 pm

Only about a half of revellers attended Coventry’s Godiva Festival which was also mired by a Saturday night main tent shutdown – despite enjoyment for many


Organisers Coventry City Council says ‘more than 75,000’ people attended over the three days – around half of highest official figures in recent years, and half the total capacity this year of 150,000.

In the last decade, numbers for the historically free festival have stood at at least 120,000.

It was the first year tickets were introduced to cut a deficit and 51,000 advance tickets had been sold by Friday morning, a third of those available.

Visitors who arrived without tickets could pay by card on the gate for what was described as a £2 ticket administration fee.

The council in a press release said there were ‘more than 75,000’ and ticketing arrangements made its estimate more precise.

Council deputy leader Abdul Khan said: “Of course, the decision to close the Rhythm Tent on Saturday evening was disappointing, but necessary as the safety of all people attending the festival is our number one priority, and thankfully no one was seriously hurt.”

He added: “The Godiva Festival has become one of the jewels in the Coventry crown and it was pleasing to see so many people have fun at the event again this year.

“The Godiva Festival offers something for everyone and as always, we will look to learn lessons from this year’s event to ensure the 2020 festival is the best it can be.”

Despite the problems which were emphasised even by the council in a press release, the weekend was a great success for many.

Highlights included Busted, The Selecter and Sugarhill Gang on Sunday, Friday headliners Levellers and Feeder on Saturday. Many local acts played at various stages throughout the weekend.


The terms "piss-up" and "brewery" come to mind. :roll:
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Re: Only half of visitors attended Coventry's Godiva Festival

Postby rebbonk » Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:04 pm

Gotta love Khan's positive spin.

I wonder just how much this little 'festival' has cost the hard pressed citizens of this city?
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