Sky Blues fans out of pocket as they wait to be refunded for cancelled games

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Sky Blues fans out of pocket as they wait to be refunded for cancelled games

Postby dutchman » Fri May 15, 2020 5:06 pm

Coventry City fans say they are still waiting despite being told almost a week ago that they would receive refunds for two cancelled away fixtures


Coventry City fans have vented their frustrations as they continue to await refunds for tickets to two away games almost a week after being told the cash was being returned.

Supporters who had paid for matches at Accrington Stanley and Lincoln City say they have received nothing after being told the funds would be returned in the five days from Friday (May 1).

Booking outlet Ticketmaster is being blamed for the hold-up after several fans checked their accounts to find no record of a refund. Sky Blues supporter Lewis Thomas, who is owed a total of £95 for the two games, is one of those still waiting to receive his money back.

He said: “The club are saying that we have to speak to Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster are saying it’s the bank’s fault. I've spoken to my bank three times this week and they have confirmed no refunds have gone in or been attempted. I've spoken to a lot of fans and they are all having the same problem. I haven't heard of anyone that has received this refund.”

Lewis said his bank is now taking steps to retrieve the money from Ticketmaster on his behalf.

He is owed £67 for the Lincoln game and £28 for Accrington after the away fixtures scheduled for March 2020 were cancelled because of the coronavirus lockdown.

While it’s not known how many fans are affected, 1,726 away tickets had been sold for Lincoln, and more than 1,200 for Accrington.

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