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Postby dutchman » Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:04 pm

This is a forum for anyone living in or who wishes to talk about the Coventry travel-to-work area. This includes the surrounding towns and villages such as Bedworth, Nuneaton, Kenilworth, Leamington, Warwick, Rugby, etc but not Birmingham or the Black Country. In effect it is the successor to the now defunct BBC Coventry & Warwickshire News forum and shares some of the same posters but is in no way connected to the BBC.

It's first necessary to register as a member here. The process is simple, automated and extremely quick. You can register with any name which hasn't already been taken plus a valid email address.

Once logged in you can post in any section you like and choose to be notified by email of any replies to your post. You can also choose to view only new posts made only since your last visit. This saves you having to wade through threads and posts you may have read before. Unlike some boards a record of your last visit is kept at this end so you can login from any machine and the board will still remember which posts you've already read!

Please feel free to disagree with the original poster if you feel strongly about a subject but do not resort to attacking the integrity of the original poster.

Discussion of disputes and personalities on other message boards is not allowed.

If you begin a discussion about a subject which is to be found elsewhere on the internet, please post a link to the original subject in the form:
Code: Select all

The link can be very simple, you don't have to include a fancy picture or long extract from the article the way some of us more experienced posters do.

Please refrain from posting spoof articles in the "news" section. As hilarious as this may be, they will eventually be moved to the jokes section.

To add images to a post first press the "Img" button on the edit page, add the full URL address of the page where the image is stored, then press the "Img" button again. This will add the tags for you. Images wider than around 900 pixels will have their right hand side cut off. To avoid this you can post a smaller thumbnail image which links to the main image.

You can even display a YouTube videos here by copying the full URL address from the top of the YouTube page and adding tags like so:
Code: Select all

For simplicity, press the "youtube" button on the edit page first then add the "Share this video" code between the two tags.

To upload your own avatar, first locate a site where the avatar is stored or else upload your own design to an image hosting service such as Imgur.

The maximum size for users' avatars is 100x100 pixels. They must not be pornographic or so flashy as to distract people trying to read messages.

PRIVACY POLICY: All registration details are encrypted and processed automatically. No one here can read them. Unlike some message boards this site does not download spyware onto your PC in order to harvest personal data. (That is why their pages take so long to load, in case you were wondering). If you wish the board to remember your login details you will need to enable cookies. There is no need to enable cookies for the entire internet, just add to the list of sites from which you are willing to accept cookies.
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