Comedy club

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Comedy club

Postby rebbonk » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:03 pm

A camel, a giraffe, a donkey, and a pig all went to an audition at a comedy club.

The camel went on first. He did an impersonation of a llama, told ten jokes, and then left the stage. The judges all laughed.

Then the giraffe came out. First the giraffe cleared her throat, which took a little while. Then the giraffe did a headstand and told a few tall tales. The judges found her so funny that they asked her to come back the next day.

The donkey went on stage next. The donkey had a really zany act, and the judges got a kick out of it.

Finally, the pig stood at the microphone. He told a really, really, really, long shaggy-dog story about a circus dog. The joke was so long that it took the pig two hours to tell it. The judges were so upset that they threw the pig out of the club.

Why didn't the judges like the pig?
The pig was actually a real boar.
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