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Postby rebbonk » Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:02 pm

A man drinks until closing time at the bar. Left to stumble his drunk ass home in the darkness, he takes a shortcut through the cemetery.

Due to the darkness, he falls straight into a freshly-dug open grave. He's not harmed from the fall, but the grave is too deep for him to climb out.

After jumping and clawing at the soft earth for a while, he gives up and decides to sleep right there in the grave, and wait for rescue the following day. He curls up into a dark corner and passes out.

An hour later, another drunk man comes stumbling through the cemetery, from a bar farther away. Just like the guy before him, he tumbles into the open grave.

It's pitch black inside and he can't see anything. He jumps at the walls, and tries to scramble out, but he can't. The grave is too deep.

Fear sets in, and he begins screaming for help as he tries in vain to scramble up the dirt wall.

The screaming wakes the first man, who's still lying unnoticed in the corner. His hangover is already setting in, and the screaming is doing a number on his head.

He groggily stands up behind the second man, places a hand on his shoulder, and whispers "You'll never get out".

He got out.
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