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One day a 12-year old boy was walking down the street when a car pulled up beside him and the window was wound down.

'I'll give you a bag of lollies if you get in the car', said the male driver.

'No way, get stuffed', replied the boy.

How about a bag of lollies and £10?' asked the driver

'I said no way', replied the irritated youngster.

'What about a bag of lollies and FIFTY QUID, eh?' quizzed the driver, still rolling slowly to keep up with the walking boy.

'No, I'm not getting in the :censored: car!' answered the boy

'OK, I know what you want, I'll give you £100 and a bag of lollies', the driver offered.

'NO,' screamed the boy.

'What will it take to get you into the car?' asked the driver with a long sigh.

The boy replied,
'Listen Dad, you bought the :censored: Skoda, you live with it.'
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