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Postby rebbonk » Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:53 am

A man goes to the curry house one evening and orders a red-hot chicken phall.

Of course he pays for it the next day with guts on fire and wind like Satan's breath.

The problem is there's a woman he's fancied for ages and he' s taking her out for a drive in the country that day.

He picks her up and all's going well except he's having to hold all his gas in and he's starting to feel like he'll explode.

Eventually he decides he'll have to let one go and tries to let it slip out quietly but misjudges and it comes out a real rip-snorter with a stink to match.

She coughs and splutters and puts the window down while he sits there feeling mortally embarrassed.

By now there's an uncomfortable silence which he's trying desperately to fill.

Eventually, thinking to ask her about current affairs he asks "Have you seen today's paper?"

To which she replies
"No, but if you stop in a lay-by I could find you a couple of dock leaves!"
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