BBC's Watership Down adaptation loses 700,000 viewers during episode

BBC's Watership Down adaptation loses 700,000 viewers during episode

Postby dutchman » Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:42 pm

Looks like those rabbits were a real turn-off


The BBC's adaptation of Watership Down proved to be pretty divisive among festive viewers.

While we're all aware that Richard Adams's tale is not the happiest story, this time around it was the CGI animation that appeared to be upsetting people the most.

So much so that, according to The Sun, the first instalment of the remake lost 700,000 viewers during Saturday night's (December 22) airing.

The newspaper reports that the show started with an audience of 4 million but by the end, numbers had dropped to just 3.3 million.

With a budget reported to be close to £20 million, Watership Down featured a stellar voice cast, including James McAvoy, Peter Capaldi, Nicholas Hoult, John Boyega and Gemma Arterton.

But many fans wondered if perhaps the BBC had blown its budget on the voice cast, leaving the animation a little lacking.

One of the main problems pointed out was that the rabbits looked a lot more like hares, thanks to their long, stand-up ears.

Others just didn't like the CGI animation in general, and would have preferred a more traditional 2D or stop-motion animation.

Of course, there were some viewers who just couldn't take how dark the story actually is – and didn't want to risk traumatising a whole new generation of children.

Watership Down aired on BBC One.

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