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Yesterday+1 added to Freeview ahead of expected UKTV split

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:53 am
by dutchman
UKTV has added a seventh EPG slot on Freeview, adding a timeshift of Yesterday on to the platform


Yesterday+1 has been assigned channel 99, the last EPG slot before the Entertainment section of the Freeview channel list overspills below the HD channels.

The channel, formerly known as UKTV History, contains a range of historical and wildlife factual programming alongside prime-time entertainment output, including older comedy series and has been on Freeview since the launch of the free-to-air service in 2002. The +1 channel was previously only distributed on Sky and Virgin.

An Ofcom licence allowing the timeshift service to launch on Freeview was first issued more than five years ago.

The launch comes ahead of an expected split of UKTV, which is expected to result in the broadcaster being divided between its two owners - BBC Studios and Discovery. UKTV's factual channels are expected to go to Discovery, while the entertainment channels are expected to go to BBC Studios, enabling the BBC to fully control the UK rights to its entertainment programming, rights which are currently fragmented across online and linear TV broadcasters. Consequently, it's expected some services will be reshuffled. An agreement of the terms of the split is expected before Christmas.

Yesterday+1 takes up the bandwidth previously used by Vintage TV and is available to around 3/4 of UK households, providing they have newer devices that support Freeview HD or Freeview Play.

If you can already receive BBC News HD on channel 107, you will also be able to receive Yesterday+1 on channel 99. Some viewers may need to retune, while many other devices will automatically add the channel. On some devices, viewers may need to switch on BBC News HD for 10-15 seconds before Yesterday+1 is added, due to the way these receivers scan in the background.

UKTV's current Freeview EPG slots and multiplex slots:
    Dave channel 12 (COM5/ArqA)
    Really channel 17 (COM5/ArqA)
    Yesterday channel 19 (COM6/ArqB)
    Drama channel 20 (COM4/SDN)
    Home channel 25 (COM6/ArqB)
    Dave Ja Vu channel 79 (COM6/ArqB)
    Yesterday+1 channel 99 (COM7)