Neighbours star Nicola Charles claims cast members tried to get her deported

Neighbours star Nicola Charles claims cast members tried to get her deported

Postby dutchman » Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:32 pm

Former Neighbours actress Nicola Charles has claimed two of her cast mates once tried to get her deported back to the UK


Charles, who played Sarah Beaumont in the soap for two stints in the 1990s and 2010s, alleges she was targeted for "taking a job from an Australian".

Her character was best known for having an affair with Dr Karl Kennedy.

Charles made the claim in her forthcoming memoir, Soap Star, which has been previewed in The Herald Sun.

Fremantle Media, which produces the long-running Australian soap, has been contacted by the BBC for a comment.

In her book, Charles alleges that she found a handwritten letter sent to the immigration department shortly after her six-month probation period on Neighbours ended in 1996, just as her contract was about to be extended.

She does not name the two cast members in question.

"I did know who they were, the individuals who did it, but I thought - who goes to that length, and what have I done to be disliked that much?" she wrote, in an excerpt published in Australia on Monday.

"That experience coloured my relationships with everyone on the cast and crew, because I kind of felt nervous about trusting anyone after that."

She added: "Then my immigration lawyer told me the letter complained that a British actor had been given a full-time role on the show, thus taking a job away from an Australian.

"But the show employed me as a British actor. I was written into the show," she explained.

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