Call the Midwife star Megan Cusack confirms Nancy's future

Call the Midwife star Megan Cusack confirms Nancy's future

Postby dutchman » Tue Dec 05, 2023 4:51 am

She teases what's on the cards for her character


Call the Midwife actress Megan Cusack has spoken about what's next for Nancy Corrigan in the show's upcoming Christmas special.

This year's annual festive outing will see Nancy's relationship with her daughter Colette, who currently lives with a foster family, take a big step forward.

As Cusack explained: "There were lots of different facets of Christmas for Nancy.

"There's Nancy as a midwife. And then there was Nancy as a mum, which was lovely, because she ends up moving her daughter Colette into Nonnatus House.

"And they set up the flat really nicely. The moment we filmed it was actually the first time the two of us saw it; so, you get that real surprised look on our faces. It was very sweet – gorgeous."

Nancy had previously talked about applying for a job at a hospital in the country, where she would have moved with Colette, but for now it looks like she's staying where she is.

Cusack also briefly touched on another little moment from the upcoming special, stating: "Something else lovely about Christmas is a relationship that sort of develops between Sister Monica Joan and Collette.

"Sister Monica Joan has been slightly morbid about her time left on the planet. And myself and Collette come up with something that kind of gees her spirits up a little bit around Christmas, which is nice."

Co-star Jenny Agutter has also spoken about how Sister Monica Joan is really feeling down in the dumps, so it looks like that might make up a big chunk of the festive special (and hopefully isn't leading up to an exit storyline).

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