Gogglebox announces schedule change for next week

Gogglebox announces schedule change for next week

Postby dutchman » Sat Oct 15, 2022 3:01 am

It's only for a week!


Gogglebox has announced that there has been a change in schedule for next week – and only next week – and it will air on Saturday, October 22, instead of Friday, October 21.

At the end of tonight's (October 14) episode, it was confirmed that Gogglebox is going to air on Saturday at 9pm instead of its usual Friday slot. This is to make room for a special episode of Friday Night Live.

As of right now, this change in schedule is only going to happen next week. Gogglebox should return to its regular Friday 9pm slot after next week, unless more announcements follow.

Meanwhile, in tonight’s episode, we saw Pete Sandiford try to recreate Tony Adams’s hip thrusts from his Full Monty dance routine as the Goggleboxers watched Strictly Come Dancing’s Movie Week.

The routine saw Adams strip down to a pair of glittery shorts and an unbuttoned white shirt with a hat, and Pete couldn’t resist recreating his routine on the sofa in front of Sophie, who looked extremely unimpressed.

"This is the way you do a proper hip thruster," Pete said while balancing on the sofa.

Sophie was less than thrilled, however, as she decided to instead focus on watching the programme. "Sit down you dick," she replied.

Pete was not alone in having an interesting reaction to the former footballer’s dance moves. Many viewers were left squealing and hiding their faces as Adams stripped down, "Hats off to Tony but he's got a pair of bollocks to do that," Ellie said to her sister Izzy.

On the other hand, Lee compared him to a beloved children’s TV character.

“He looks like Postman Pat," he said, not really impressed with the whole thing.

Gogglebox airs on Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 4.

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