Celebrity MasterChef eliminates two contestants in rescheduled double episode

Celebrity MasterChef eliminates two contestants in rescheduled double episode

Postby dutchman » Fri Sep 16, 2022 4:04 pm

Who are the final five?


Celebrity MasterChef continued with two episodes on Thursday (September 15) due to scheduling changes, so we got to see even more kitchen fumblings and people going home.

We started off with Jimmy Bullard, Lisa Snowdon, Kitty Scott-Claus, Cliff Parisi, Mel Blatt, Faye Winter and Danny Jones as our semi-finalists, with Jimmy and Faye being eliminated from the competition by John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

So what happened to lead to these outcomes? The first episode began with none other than TV cooking legend Mary Berry turning up and observing as everyone had a different one of her recipes to replicate.

Although everyone admitted to the extra pressure of having Mary herself there watching, most of the celebrities were praised for their dishes, with Faye receiving a few critiques.

The celebrities were then tasked with creating a dish for Queen Elizabeth II inspired by the Platinum Jubilee (a continuity announcement explained that this was filmed months before Her Majesty's death, just to avoid confusion).

The comments were a lot more mixed this time around. Cliff took on a lot of work, and it resulted in some inconsistent tempura mash balls. Jimmy's potatoes weren't cooked all the way through, Kitty's lacked definition in her layers, and Mel stressed herself out so much so restarted her cake and ended up serving something that was far too spongey.

On the other hand, Lisa and Danny sailed through to the next round, and Faye got through on Gregg's love of her coronation chicken. At the end of the first episode, the judges said goodbye to Jimmy.

In the second episode, the last of the semi-finals, the remaining six celebrities had to make the ultimate comfort food dish for restaurant critic Grace Dent, who told them their meals had to combine the warmth and reassurance of home-cooked meals with the finesse of a professional dinner.

All dressed up in their comfies, the celebs made desserts, pies and burgers, with Mel making a truly bizarre-sounding macaroni cheese patty.

Thankfully for her, her experiment paid off. Danny's idea to mix mint into his pie divided the judges, while Kitty's pie was a bit too heavy on the broccoli and Faye's sticky toffee pudding was too dry, although her ice cream was praised.

Lisa's fried chicken burger was described as "perfect", while Cliff's Bakewell tart made Gregg tear up as it reminded him of his youth.

In the end, Faye failed to make the final five, but said that she was very happy to get so far and was very proud of herself.

Celebrity MasterChef airs on BBC One, with the first final scheduled for tonight (September 16) at 9pm.

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