Strictly Come Dancing couple vow to get matching tattoos if they reach the final

Strictly Come Dancing couple vow to get matching tattoos if they reach the final

Postby dutchman » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:20 pm

Just tattoo of us...


Strictly Come Dancing pair Charles Venn and Karen Clifton have revealed that they're planning to get matching tattoos if they reach the final.

It's Musicals Week on Strictly and the duo are set to perform the rumba to West Side Story's 'Maria' tonight (December 1), but will it be enough to push them closer to the tattoo parlour?

Chatting to Radio Times, pro choreographer Clifton explained: "If we get to the final, we're both getting a tattoo. We're both getting 'S'."

A bit ambiguous, don't you think?

"S for Strictly, six pack and success," she elaborated, as Venn concurred: "There you go, that's right. Done deal."

If the duo really do end up with a permanent 'S' on their skin, they'd be following in the footsteps of last year's celebrity dancer Susan Calman, who kept her promise of getting inked if her and pro partner Kevin Clifton made it to Blackpool.

Meanwhile, Venn also spoke about the fact he's achieved some sex appeal through his time spent on the dancefloor, and it sounds like he appreciates all the attention.

"You know what, if at 45 I can still get those kind of compliments I will take that, I will embrace them all, because at some point you're going to get old, really old, and at some point people are going to be looking to the young'uns," he said.

"So to still feel that you have that effect on people at my age, I know 45 in the grand scheme of things is young but the other day I was 22… to get those lovely compliments from ladies generally is, we all want to feel appreciated. So I take that with open arms."

Strictly Come Dancing airs tonight (December 1) at 7.05pm, followed by the results show tomorrow (December 2) at 7.20pm.

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